ADVOCACY: Your calls worked! Gifted funding is *back* in the bill!

Updated April 23, 2017, 10 a.m. This page will be updated as we know more information. Scroll to the bottom of this page for an overview of this topic.


Great news!! Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented informed us on Friday that thanks to your amazing advocacy efforts, the Senate Education Committee will amend Senate Bill 2145, the school finance legislation, to restore the statutory reference to the G/T allotment!

Action item: Say thanks!

We encourage you to email Senator Van Taylor ( and Chairman Larry Taylor ( and thank them for their willingness to listen to your input regarding the G/T allotment.

Background note:

Some in Austin were trying to make it sound as though SB 2145 never intended to cut GT funding. That is incorrect. While they were not taking away the money, they were proposing moving it to a general allotment bucket that can be used for many things other than GT.

What’s next?

When we know more about the progress of this bill or anything else we can do to positively impact GT legislation, we will let you know!

If you want to know more about this issue, refresh the Advocacy page on our web site and read the GT Allotment statute.

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Thank you all for being willing to get involved.

Texas Senate Education Committee:

Copy and paste email addresses:,,,,,,,,,,

Copy and paste Twitter accounts: 

@SenLarryTaylor ‏@SenatorLucio ‏@TeamBettencourt @DonnaCampbellTX ‏ @SenBobHall @DonHuffines ‏ @SenBryanHughes ‏@kseliger ‏@VanTaylorTX ‏@CarlosUresti ‏@SenRoyceWest ‏

Roster of the Senate Education Committee:

Chair Larry Taylor
(512) 463-0111 or (281) 485-9800
@SenLarryTaylor ‏

Vice Chair Eddie Lucio, Jr.
(512) 463-0127 or (956) 548-0227
@SenatorLucio ‏

Member Paul Bettencourt
(512) 463-0107 or (713) 464-0282

Member Donna Campbell
(512) 463-0125 or (210) 979-0013
@DonnaCampbellTX ‏

Member Bob Hall
(512) 463-0102 or (972) 722-3131

Member Don Huffines
(512) 463-0116 or (214) 239-6131
@DonHuffines ‏

Member Bryan Hughes
(512) 463-0101 or (903) 581-1776
@SenBryanHughes ‏

Member Kel Seliger
(512) 463-0131 or (806) 374-8994
@kseliger ‏

Member Van Taylor
(512) 463-0108 or  (972) 398-9416
@VanTaylorTX ‏

Member Carlos Uresti
(512) 463-0119 or (210) 932-2568
@CarlosUresti ‏

Member Royce West
(512) 463-0123 or (214) 467-0123
@SenRoyceWest ‏

Social Media blitz

Follow SAGE on Facebook and Twitter and publicly share our images and posts with the hashtags #DoTheBrightThing #FundGT #SB2145 #HB21 and tag your legislators, GT groups, and friends. Make your posts public.

What else should I do?

Contact Your GCISD Legislators:

Copy and paste email addresses:,,,,,

Copy and paste Twitter accounts:

@VoteGiovanni @RepStickland @KHancock4TX ‏ @KonniBurton ‏ @SenJaneNelson ‏ @teainfo ‏

Roster of GCISD Legislators:

Representative Giovanni Capriglione
(512) 463-0690 (817) 431-5339

Representative Jonathan Stickland
(512) 463-0522 (817) 283-5300

Senator Kelly Hancock
(512) 463-0109 (817) 514-3804

Senator Konni Burton
(512) 463-0110
(817) 882-8157
@KonniBurton ‏

Senator Jane Nelson
(512) 463-0112
(817) 424-3446
@SenJaneNelson ‏

State Board of Education
Patricia Hardy
(817) 598-2968
@teainfo ‏



The Texas Statute that funds gifted education is Texas Education Code § 42.156. Gifted and Talented Student Allotment. Read it here.

In the 2017 session of the Texas Legislature, the Texas House and Senate are proposing and voting on bills that determine funding for education in general and for GT programs specifically.

The Senate bill of concern is SB 2145. Read it here. Click on the PDF or text icons. Search the document for 42.156 (the GT funding allotment). You can see that all of the provisions in Section 1.79 are up for repeal — including the gifted and talented student allotment.

The House bill is of concern is HB21. Read it here.