Our parent group relies 100% on the dedication of parent volunteers just like you! As a new organization, there are lots of ways to get involved whether you have an hour a week or an hour a month.

Ready to get involved? Please send us an email at info.gcsage@gmail.com. Thank you!

GT Educator Appreciation Squad

Our Squad members have one task: making our GT educators feel appreciated. Let us know if this is your thing — and if you could lend an hour or so, every now and then.

Membership/Campus Representatives

Help ensure a SAGE presence at every campus. Help communicate SAGE goals tailored to each school. Volunteer in the classroom should an opportunity arise.


Help determine, create and execute future SAGE programs and events for members, kids, and/or the public for membership drives.

Resource Development

Identify alternative means of funding, solicit in-kind donations, support educator scholarships, etc. Many parent groups raise enough money to offer GT training scholarships for teachers with GT kids in their classrooms!


Help design promotional flyers for events and membership drives as well as other graphic design needs. Assist in updating website and social media communications. Work to grow SAGE awareness and membership across Grapevine/Colleyville.


Work alongside SAGE officers to secure the future of the group by considering a future leadership role.


Serve on (or as a resource to) district committees regarding GT services. Research and communicate trends in gifted education in local, state, and national levels.


Help create scholarship program for teachers to attend GT training, read applications, and award educator grants.


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