Here we go … again!!

Time to contact our Texas legislators (again) and ask them (again) to retain funding for our gifted students in the state education budget.

Last week, the Texas Commission on School Finance Expenditures Working Group recommended that the state  reallocate $5.3 billion to current and new education programs — by eliminating the G/T allotment and other funds. (Read the recommendations.)

The Texas Commission on Public School Finance will meet this Tuesday, September 25, at 9 a.m., to consider the recommendations. We once again need your voice to tell the Commission how important the G/T allotment is for gifted education in Texas.

The Commission’s Expenditures Working Group is recommending eliminating the $165 million allotment, which is an earmark of funds specifically budgeted for educating the gifted students in Texas. It’s a drop in the bucket in the entire education budget — yet we keep seeing this same recommendation again … and again … to eliminate the G/T allotment. 

Why This Should Matter To You

Is your student gifted? Then this matters for your gifted child and all gifted children in Texas. The reason it is important to include the gifted allotment in the state education budget is to ensure that all gifted students in all districts across Texas are identified, recognized as important, and so that their unique educational needs are met.

What You Can Do

Please email the Texas Commission on Public School Finance at and tell them the importance of the G/T weight and allotment. Without funding and dedicated G/T programs and teacher training, high-performing students are at risk for not reaching their potential. Voice your concerns about how detrimental it would be to eliminate the allotment. Share your personal stories–we know from last spring’s experience that telling the Commission about our gifted students helped impact their decision to keep the allotment in place at that time. Remember that your voice has power! Every email makes a difference!

You may use the sample letters (PDF) to send to the Commission. Information provided by the Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented.

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