What is a SAGE Campus Representative?

SAGE organizes parents from each school to serve as SAGE Campus Representatives. If you feel passionate about SAGE’s mission to support and advocate for gifted students, then this is the job for you! Let’s work together to build the network of gifted families across our entire community. Contact us at info.gcsage@gmail.com.

Three key requested duties of SAGE Campus Representatives:

1) Attend every Campus Rep meeting and participate on behalf of all of the gifted students in your school.

We have a planning meeting once a semester and more frequent smaller meetings as needed. The purpose of these meetings is exchange of information (from SAGE to your campus, and from your campus to SAGE) and to plan for SAGE activities. You’ll become very knowledgeable about the GT program. If you have a co-Campus Rep to partner with, only one of you needs to attend this monthly Campus Rep meeting.

2) Establish a collaborative working relationship with the administration and the GT teachers at your campus.

SAGE will help make these introductions, if you need them, and then you can open a dialogue and to find out how you can support and help them.

3) Connect with parents on your campus.

Start with “Back to School” events, then throughout the year, share with your campus parents what is happening across the district, and solicit their input as well as any concerns or questions they may have. Personally invite people from your campus to attend SAGE events.

Additional suggested Campus Representative activities:

Promote and attend SAGE programs as your schedule allows, including our Coffee Chats, Lunch & Learns, and evening programs. Help promote SAGE’s events on social media, email, and personal invitations.

With help from SAGE, host a meet-up for your GT families. Campus Reps have hosted meet-ups like catered spaghetti dinners, coffee & doughnuts, and McDonald’s playdates — just let us know what you think your campus families would enjoy. You can partner with another campus, too. SAGE will assist you with everything.

Help support SAGE efforts by identifying your interest in: programs & events committee, fundraising committee, membership committee, 2e, teacher appreciation, underrepresented populations in GT, social/emotional, legislative advocacy, to name just a few.