Update: November 9, 2020: The GCISD School Board election is not over yet: The Trustee to take Place 5 will be decided in a runoff election on December 8 between Coley Canter and Tommy Snyder.

Voting Resources for GT Families: Why consider a candidate’s views about GT/advanced academics when voting in a local or state election? What are some common questions from the GT/advanced academics community for its elected officials? Click here to jump down this page for common issues.

Candidates in the Dec. 8, 2020 Runoff:

Video of GCSAGE candidate forum:

Watch below or: Watch on YouTube | Watch on Facebook | Watch on Twitter. All candidates were invited to the SAGE forum.

Runoff Election Locations, Times & Dates:

GCISD Voting Locations: Colleyville City Hall and Grapevine REC

Runoff Early Voting:

  • Nov. 23-25 — 8AM-5PM
  • Nov. 26-27 — Closed
  • Nov. 28 — 7AM-7PM
  • Nov. 29 — 11AM-4PM
  • Nov. 30 — 7AM-7PM
  • Dec. 1-4 — 7AM-7PM

Runoff Election Day:

  • Tuesday, Dec. 8 – 7AM-7PM

Completed Election info:

In the Nov. 3 election of the Board of Trustees, Casey Ford was elected to Place 6, and Jorge Rodriguez was re-elected to Place 7. Please join SAGE in congratulating both candidates and thanking them for their willingness to serve our district. Follow their Trustee Facebook Pages here: Ford and Rodriguez. Click here to see the Nov. 3 Tarrant County Election Results and click here to read the SAGE Voters Guide for further information about the candidates, the election, and issues important to GT families.

SAGE would like to extend our appreciation for outgoing Place 5 Trustee Jesse Rodriguez for his steadfast leadership of GCISD for more than a decade. We also recognize and applaud outgoing Place 6 Trustee Doug Noell for his dedicated service during the past three years. Thank you!

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, GCSAGE does not favor, oppose, or endorse any Candidates. We strive to provide information to our Community about candidates who are seeking public office. Bookmark this page and follow us on social media @GCSAGE for updates.

In the Guide

Scroll down this page to find:

  • Election Information
  • GCISD Board of Trustees – candidates & links
  • State Offices – candidates & links
  • Voting Resources – issues, common questions, ballot info

Election Information

Meet the Candidates Virtual Events:

Thursday, October 8, 2020:
GCISD Council of PTAs annual candidate forum.
Watch live on Facebook at 6:30 p.m.
See Facebook Event to watch the video

Tuesday, October 13:
GCSAGE “Conversations with the Candidates”
See above or click on our Facebook Event to watch the video

2020 Candidates for GCISD Board of Trustees

Voters will select 1 candidate per Place. Candidates are listed below in the order they appear on the GCISD Election Information page. Below are the candidates’ names, web sites, and Facebook pages.

GCSAGE invited each candidate to provide a 500 word statement and/or a 3-minute video (MPG or YouTube link) on the topic of gifted/advanced academics.

Place 5 Candidates

Coley Canter | Web site | Facebook | Statement about GT

Tommy Snyder | Web site | Facebook | Statement about GT not submitted

Lori Crenshaw | Web site | Facebook | Statement about GT not submitted

Place 6 Candidates

Casey Ford | Web site | Facebook | Statement about GT not submitted

Doug Noell | Web site | Facebook | Statement about GT not submitted

Place 7 Candidates

Jorge Rodríguez | Web site | Facebook | Statement about GT

Cacy Tischer | Web site | Facebook | Statement about GT not submitted

2020 Candidates for Northeast Tarrant County State Offices

Texas House of Representatives

District 98 MAP – Colleyville & Grapevine area

District 92 MAP – Euless, Bedford, Hurst area

Northeast Tarrant Candidate Forum Video: Check out SAGE’s video of some of the above candidates answering our question about gifted education at the February 2020 forum at the Colleyville Center. The video features the candidates who attended the forum who were running in the Primary Election at that time; only those who won their party’s primary will be on the ballot this fall.

Texas State Senator

District 12

Voting Resources

Why consider a candidate’s views about GT/advanced academics when voting in a local or state election?

What are some common questions from the GT/advanced academics community for its elected officials?

General. What are the most important issues at hand for Gifted, ASPIRE, accelerated courses, and Advanced Placement (pre-AP and AP)?

District (or State) Spending. Do you think the current levels of spending should be different? If so, at what priority level would you place gifted services? What is your commitment to continuing the current level? Do you anticipate that the district will need to cut some of its specialized programs? What would you recommend? How can we move a greater percentage of the budget to our teachers? Will you commit to doing this? Where will that money come from?

Professional Development of Teachers. Universities’ education bachelor degree programs typically require little coursework or training in the area of supporting gifted learners. What are your recommendations for the continued education of our teachers, administrators, and educational staff in the area of gifted education?

Social/Emotional Support. What are your ideas for ways to support the social and emotional intensities of gifted students?

Elementary GT LEAD. What is your support for elementary students who are identified as gifted and need services such as extra critical thinking challenges and social/emotional support?

ASPIRE Academy. Explain your support for GCISD’s ASPIRE Academy. Do you agree with the changes suggested in the 2019 ASPIRE Program Review? What do you see as immediate improvements needed for ASPIRE Academy?

Advanced Placement (secondary level). Many high school students participate in Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Would you recommend changing anything about the AP program?

High School GPA weighting. How do you feel GPA weighting impacts our students?

College readiness in the time of COVID. How can the district improve its guidance for gifted students interested in top tier universities? What are ways to help them prepare for a top score on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT? How could the district support college visits to top tier universities?

2e. Research shows that 2e (twice exceptional) students are commonly overlooked for gifted programs. How would you support students who are 2e?

Equity. National GT experts suggest that a district’s identified GT population should reflect its general population (within 5% to 10%). What are your suggestions for how to identify and serve students from underrepresented populations?

Acceleration. Math telescoping in early grades enables students to be ready for accelerated math in middle school, then the highest levels of math classes in high school (Calculus BC, Differential Equations, etc). What is your support for continuing or expanding GCISD’s math telescoping program? Would you add additional subjects to the acceleration program? What is your opinion about acceleration as a solution for serving gifted learners?

Advocacy. Have you advocated to our State Legislators for funding for public education in general, and GT specifically?

Which candidates will be on my ballot?

Texas Education Agency (TEA) Gifted & Talented Information

GCISD Advanced Academics