Feb. 28, 2019 Update: We have met the goal of raising $2000 to purchase Sphero Robots for GTLEAD classes in GCISD! Thank you to everyone who donated!

Sphero Bolt Robot February 2019 Fundraiser for GT LEAD in Grapevine-Colleyville ISD

Every year, GC-SAGE provides grants for GT educators across the district to purchase classroom materials. This year, we received a grant application that is beyond our means to fund within our current budget, but is worthy of our support, so we have decided to hold a fundraiser throughout the month of February to purchase the 15 programmable Sphero Bolt robots for use in GT LEAD classrooms across GCISD. 100% of your donations received in the month of February will support the purchase of a Sphero robot.

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$2000 funded!

Thank you for helping us reach our $2,000 goal!

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Why 15 Sphero Bolt Robots?

Sphero Bolt robots are programmable translucent robots that will challenge GT LEAD students’ critical thinking ability, innovation, and creative abilities. Students can program these robots to move, send messages with an led display, interact with their environment or other robots and function as a part of bigger design (vehicle, machine, art installation, etc.).

The robots connect to a variety of programming languages, which allows students to code and to develop strategies using multi-level programming, while scaffolding the information in a way that meets the needs of the students current level of proficiency.

“The complexity of thinking students will use to program these robots will help stretch them in ways we have not had previously,” says GCISD GT Specialist Crystall Petersen. “I can not express how grateful I am for your support and effort in trying to make this happen.  You all are amazing!”

GCISD has two Sphero robots to check out to campuses, but if a class only has one or two to work with, their hands-on programming time with the robot is limited and they cannot experience the full benefit of the robots’ interactivity.

Let’s do this!

GC-SAGE needs to raise $2,000 to purchase the 15-pack Sphero Bolt box ($1,950) and USB charging hub ($50). 100% of all tax-deductible donations received in the month of February will support the purchase of Sphero robots that will be donated to Grapevine-Colleyville ISD’s GT LEAD classrooms.

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