The GCISD delegation to the TAGT conference — held this year in Downtown Fort Worth — included GT LEAD Teachers, ASPIRE Teachers, MS Discoveries Teachers, High School GT Teachers, Counselors (16), and the GT/Advanced Academics Department. 

SAGE funded 10 educator attendees, and received a complimentary registration as part of our award of TAGT Parent Group of the Year, and we donated it to GCISD to send an additional person free.

More than 60 from the GCISD community attended giftED18, the annual conference of the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented. Thanks to a reasonable conference cost, group and early bird discounts, and various funding sources, GCISD is able to send a wonderful group this year that will support many GCISD students. GCISD’s gifted students will benefit from teachers, counselors, and administrators attending.

Dr. Robin Ryan presented on a panel about GT advocacy:

On a panel with a parent, teacher, and gifted coordinator from other Texas school districts, Dr. Robin Ryan, GCISD Superintendent, gave his perspective about working with teachers, students, parents to build excellent schools together. He stated that he appreciates being approached with kindness, with data, and with creative solutions.

“When people wonder how GCISD can be so successful in so many different ways, they need look no further than Dr. Robin Ryan,” states Kim Farbisz, SAGE Past President. “Thank you, Dr. Ryan, for all of your support!”

“Great things happen when teachers, parents, and administrators work together — but that collaborative vision starts from the top. Thank you, Dr. Ryan, for setting that tone and sharing it today with others,” stated Kimberley Barber-Davis, SAGE Past President.

Several from GCISD attended the session featuring Dr. Ryan:


SAGE was honored at the 2018 TAGT INSPIRE Awards:

SAGE was honored at the INSPIRE awards ceremony as TAGT Parent Group of the Year! We will receive $1000. The SAGE cheering section included the SAGE Board, Campus Representatives, GT Specialists and Julie Leslie, Director of Advanced Academics. We were all very proud to represent our district at the elegant evening.

After a long day of sessions on Thursday, SAGE hosted happy hour appetizers for parents & educators attending the conference. it was great to relax and chat with each other.

Cindy Garcia, GT Specialist, Silver Lake, presented a conference session on “Leadership in the Gifted Classroom:”


Many attendees Tweeted about their conference experiences. Follow at and search for the hashtag #gifted18