Under the leadership of GCISD’s GT Specialists Lori Kirkhuff and Melanie Gable, the outstanding creativity and collaboration of educators across GCISD was showcased at the first GCISD LIVE19 Conference.

The event was hosted by GCISD on April 23 at the Panther Activity Center next to Colleyville Heritage High School. The acronym LIVE stands for Leadership, Innovation, Voice, and Enrichment — all topics embodied in this event for GCISD’s 250 GT LEAD 5th graders.

Students requested class topics beforehand, and the organizers found community members to teach the classes at the conference. Students chose classes about robotics, coding, physics, design challenge, Rubiks Cube, architect, origami, geometry, art, chemistry, creativity, and more.

The event’s speakers included our Superintendent Dr. Robin Ryan and many volunteers including administrators, teachers, staff, honor students, community leaders, and parents.   Click to see more photos of this wonderful event.


Volunteers Needed!

#LIVE19 GT Student Conference
Any SAGE parent can volunteer, no matter your child’s grade level.
Tuesday, April 23
8:00 am – 2:15 pm
Panther Activity Center, CHHS

Please help support GT Lead by volunteering in the 1st #LIVE19 GT Student Conference for all GT Lead 5th Graders. GT Lead students across GCISD will take part in the #LIVE19 Student Leadership Conference (Leadership, Innovation, Voice and Enrichment!) The day will be full of technology, critical thinking, art infusion and building leadership skills.

Volunteers will help set-up, greet, direct to breakouts and help the GCISD faculty as needed. As a SAGE volunteer we are here as a support role. GCISD Faculty are running the event.

Fifth grade parents – this is not a typical field trip. You will not be placed with your student, but will be more of an upfront volunteer. We want our GT students to be independent throughout this event.

ALL Volunteers must have a current background check on file with GCISD and can have students in any grade.

Click here to sign up