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What is Gifted & Talented?

So … what happened to GT funding in 2019?

Since the 1980s, Texas districts received additional funding for its students to receive GT services. For the past decade, Texas Legislators have considered proposals to eliminate this allotment. In 2019, despite protests from the Texas Association for Gifted Education, GT teachers, GT students and their parents (including GCISD students who testified before the Senate Committee on Public Education) — the Legislature eliminated the GT allotment via the Public Education Funding Bill (House Bill 3).

But … even though the GT allotment is gone, aren’t gifted programs funded through the general allotment? YES, BUT…

Although every district should prioritize gifted education, not all will do so without dedicated funding. Texas has one of the most diverse gifted education populations in the nation. Removing the Gifted and Talented Allotment has risked negative consequences that would potentially have a greater impact on students who are economically disadvantaged and who rely on schools to provide needed academic services. For stakeholders and lawmakers concerned about equity in education, student outcomes and economic growth, support for gifted education should be a priority.

Should our Legislature protect GT funding? YES!