We have included videos from SAGE Conversations with Candidates on the public Facebook page. We also encourage you to watch the GCISD Council of PTAs forum to hear what all four candidates have to say about several key issues, including GT funding.

Election Day is Saturday, May 4 @ 7am-7pm.

Get more info about GT state funding before you vote!

Funding and oversight of gifted & talented education are in the hands of the local school boards and state legislators. There is NO federal requirement for states or districts to provide services for gifted students. Public education once again faces potential budget cuts, and gifted programs are always an easy target if a district does not value advanced academics.

Why is there a need for the district to spend more money for GT than what comes from the state? 2500 gifted and talented kids live in GCISD, and they bring $15 million to our district – just because they are enrolled in our schools. The state caps the number of GT kids that they will pay for at 5%. GCISD has vastly more GT students than the state provides funds for, because GCISD has built a superior gifted program from 1st-12th grade, and families have flocked to it. It’s a case of “if you build it, they will come.” Choosing to spend only the obligated amount of money for GT students would result in 1800 gifted-identified students not receiving services. SAGE would not support such cuts; we advocate for a strong program in GT, ASPIRE, math telescoping, accelerated classes, and Advanced Placement.

Important note: Even if GT and ASPIRE classes were to go away, most of these expenditures would still be necessary; they would just be coded differently in the budget. It is important we as your advocacy group keep you informed about GT funding at the state and local level, and it is equally important for you to hold our elected officials at the state and local level accountable to fund the necessary services for ALL our GT kids.

Get informed: The TEA identified GT as a special student population.
TEA Guidelines for GT education in public schools

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