We’re asking you to go public with your gifted story.

We are posting real stories about real gifted kids.

And we need your “Why GT” story.

Our State Legislators are poised to eliminate funds in the state education budget for GT when they convene in January.

SAGE is leading an effort to share real stories from gifted students and parents to show the necessity of funding gifted education.

Where will the stories be shared?

If you submit your story and/or photo, you are giving GC-SAGE permission to share on our public media channels (like here, on our web site and our social media) and with the Texas Association for Gifted and Talented, which may share it on their public media channels.

What should I write?

Please just tell us your own story in your own words. Or ask your child to write something. Below are some prompts, if you don’t know where to start. You can write your response, or feel free to use video, photos, or artwork.

  • For Students:
    • What does being gifted mean to you?
    • Do you always feel challenged at school? What are some ways your teachers give you extra challenges?
    • What is advice you would give to a friend who is thinking about joining GT LEAD or ASPIRE?
    • Did you used to attend a private school, and now attend public school? What is the difference?
    • What do you wish people knew about you?
  • For Parents & Teachers:
    • Why have you chosen public school?
    • How do your students thrive because of gifted services in public school?
    • How do gifted students rely on your teachers?
    • What are your gifted students like?
    • What thrills you about raising/teaching gifted children?
    • What challenges do you face when raising/teaching gifted children?
    • Have you moved to a school district specifically for the gifted services/to teach gifted?
    • How have you financially sacrificed for your gifted students?
    • What were some of the first ways you realized your child was different?
    • Tell us about your experiences with asynchronous development, perfectionism, over-excitabilities, gifted intensities, fitting in in a traditional classroom or social setting?
    • Tell about a teacher who “gets” your gifted student. Or about a teacher who doesn’t get it.
    • How has your gifted child changed you as a parent/teacher?
    • Besides giftedness, do your students have other learning challenges?
    • How do mental health issues affect your gifted students?
    • If you have a grown gifted child, reflect on their school years. How are they doing now?
    • If you are a grown gifted person, give us your perspective.
    • Were you a gifted student in Texas in 1984? That’s the year the GT allotment was created to financially support districts in offsetting the costs associated with G/T programs. What’s your perspective?
    • How is your family or your school different because of giftedness?

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