Dr. Taliaferro, center, with the Hamilton Family

For several years now, SAGE honors the memory Sherry Hamilton by recognizing a GT Educator with a $500 Award.

The 2023 recipient of the Sherry Hamilton Memorial Award goes to Dr. Cheryl Taliaferro, ASPIRE Academy District Liaison. This title of course does not fully explain the depth of knowledge and commitment Dr. Taliaferro puts into all our GT programs and educators. Read below for some of the comments we received.

This year’s nominations for Dr. Taliaferro include:

“Dr. T is a remarkable human who accomplishes great things while lifting up those around her. As a mentor, she has been one of the most important people in my life…”

“Cheryl is there to provide support, training and problem solve the myriad challenges experienced by our educators as they undertake these efforts. She is a resource to not only our ASPIRE classroom teachers but to all teachers in our district and has developed hundreds of other educators in their role of working with gifted and highly gifted students. Her talent for developing curriculum with our teachers, that meets the needs of our highly gifted learners, is second to none.”

Dr. Taliaferro receives Sherry Hamilton Memorial Award
Dr. Taliaferro, with Past SAGE Presidents, Kimberley Barber Davis, Amy Warren, Current SAGE President Jamie Weatherall, and Past-President Kimberly Phoenix (left to right)

“Dr. Taliaferro embodies everything that SAGE is looking for when recognizing an educator with this annual award. She has proven herself to be spectacular in understanding and working with gifted students and most importantly championing their right to experience a year’s worth of learning regardless of where they start.”

“She has been instrumental in helping ASPIRE become nationally recognized in the collegiate circles by talking with admission coordinators, putting together an ASPIRE profile, and actively marketing the program in social and print media. These efforts definitely contributed to three of our students being accepted to Harvard last year.”