For March 2023, we are happy to share Sterling Bristow, AP Calculus teacher at Grapevine High School is our Educator of the Month.

Nomination comments for this month include:

I would love for SAGE to honor Sterling Bristow at GHS for the work that he does for our gifted math students. My son comes home from Calculus days mentally exhausted but really excited to have unlocked another math level!

Mr. Bristow offers a lot of resources for learning and practice and somehow manages to make math so interesting that my son told me he wished all of school was Calculus! Who says that!? Clearly, Mr. Bristow is passionate about what he teaches and he connects with the kids in a way that makes them excited too. The grade each kid makes really is up to each student and what they choose to put in to it because

Mr. Bristow offers so many different ways to learn the material and opportunities to seek help. As a parent of a telescoped student, I truly appreciate the work that SAGE has put in to ensuring that GCISD has above level math options and finding teachers like Mr. Bristow with the enthusiastic ability to teach them!

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