SAGE honors Ms. Lisa Grimes, 8th grade GT Discoveries and 7th grade PLA teacher at Colleyville Middle School as the January SAGE Educator of the Month.  

Ms. Grimes was nominated by a GT Student who said, “Ms. Grimes has shown dedication and commitment to GT learning from day one. Even through online learning, she has proven to deliver high level thinking activities, stimulating the out of the box thinking that helps GT students to excel. Her English class allows for us not only to learn English, but to become passionate about what we care about. I wrote an essay on Human Trafficking, and now I feel informed, and ready to take a stand. Furthermore, we read a story, Flowers for Algernon, and she allowed for us to develop our own ways of annotating, allowing for our creativity to flow. Ms. Grimes also takes feedback from her students. This level of personable communication is crucial in the classroom, because through connection and accountability, we learn. Ms. Grimes makes us feel safe to express, make mistakes, and be humans, all while learning how to become better writers.  Ms. Grimes rewards those who stand out, and encourages everyone, with feedback and discussion time. When we discussed how we could make learning better, we refined our ideas, presented them to the class, then we had our ideas looked over. We thought about how ideas could be made better, and we were allowed to think for ourselves, collaborating, much like those in power do in our society today. Ms.Grimes treats us with respect, kindness, and compassion. This makes Ms. Grimes a great teacher. She is one of the best GT teachers I have ever had, and a huge asset to GCISD.”

Thank you Ms. Grimes for your dedication, innovation, and tireless work, and congratulations on behalf of SAGE!