Please find below the transcript for GC SAGE President speaking during open comments at the Sept 26 School Board meeting.

We encourage all families to attend and participate in these events to bring awareness to the needs of GT families. If you have a specific concern, you can email your comments to or join the discussion in our Members-only FB group.

View the full board meeting recorded on GCISDTV on YouTube.

9/26 Transcript

My name is Jamie Weatherall. I am a Grapevine resident, a parent, and President of GC-SAGE.

We would like to request an amendment to board policy that would allow all students, with parent permission, access to both print and digital material written at higher grade levels than the student’s placement. GCISD offers telescoping for kids who are above grade level in math, and access to above level reading material meets a similar need.

Additionally, we would like to request additional staff at both the district and campus levels to ensure our GT programs, teachers, and students are being given the necessary level of support.

Dr. Ryan, we would like to thank you for your leadership and services rendered to our GT community. GCISD is known state-wide for its GT services, and we thank you for your help in making sure all of our kids achieve a  worth of academic growth, regardless of where they were on the first day of school.

Board, we would love to continue our partnership with you as the search for a new superintendent commences. Please know that SAGE is eager to work to ensure GCISD will continueyear’s to meet the needs of all of our students at the level we have come to expect.