Below are the summarized results of our July 2018 satisfaction survey of members of Grapevine-Colleyville Supporting and Advocating for Gifted Education.

I am a:

Yo soy:

23 responses – Family/Student Member (Familia /Estudiante)
1 response – Teacher/Educator Member (Profesor/Educador)

How long have you been a member of SAGE?

¿Cuánto tiempo has sido miembro de SAGE?

0 responses – Less than 6 months (Menos de 6meses)
4 responses – 6 months to a year (6 meses a 1 año)
13 responses – 1-2 years (1-2 años)
4 responses – 3-5 years (3-5 años)
3 responses – Over 5 years (Mas de 5 años)

How did you hear about SAGE?

¿Cómo te enteraste de SAGE?

0 – Website (Pagina en línea)
2 – Social media (Medios sociales)
10 – Campus or district referral (Escuela)
9 – Another parent, word of mouth (Por…
1 – Flyer (Volante o panfleto)
2  – Original SAGE founding family

What were your primary reasons for joining SAGE? Choose up to 3.

¿Cuáles fueron tus razones principales para integrarte a SAGE? Elige hasta 3

20 – Networking with other families of gifted & talented (GT) students
(Socializar con otros familias con niños dotados)
20 – Access to latest news from the district related to Advanced Academics (class scheduling, program implementation, etc.)
(Acceso a las noticias mas relevantes referentes al avance académico del distrito (horarios de clases, implementación de programas))
19 – Access to SAGE’s monthly meetings and educational programs
(Acceso a las juntas mensuales y programas educativos de SAGE)
6 – Participation in state & national advocacy Issues related to gifted education
(Participación en eventos tanto estatales como Nacionales que abogan por la educación para niños dotados)
2 – Access to scholarships and grants
(Acceso a becas y prestamos escolares)
Access to educator training programs
(Acceso a programas de entrenamiento para profesores)
1 – Introduction to Gifted 101
(Introducción a Gifted 101)
1 – Complimentary TAGT Membership
(Membresía de cortesía de TAGT)
Other: 1 – Advocacy

Do you read SAGE’s monthly e-newsletter?

¿Lees el boletín informativo mensual de SAGE?

14 – Always (Siempre)
8 – Sometimes (Algunas veces)
1 – Never (Nunca)
1 – I do not receive the e-newsletter (No recibo el boletín informativo)

How often do you visit *

Con que frecuencia visitas la pagina

0 – Daily (Diario)
2 – weekly (Semanalmente)
5 – monthly (Mensualmente)
12 – rarely (Raramente)
5 – never (Nunca)

Do you follow SAGE on social media?

¿Sigues las paginas de SAGE en los medios sociales?

20 – Facebook
3 – Twitter
4 – I do not follow SAGE on social media (No la sigo en ningún medio social)


Overall, how satisfied have you been with SAGE? *

¿Qué tan satisfecho estas con ser miembro de SAGE?

0 responses = Very Unsatisfied (Muy insatisfecho)
1 responses = Unsatisfied
3 responses = Neutral
10 responses = Satisfied
10 responses = Very Satisfied (Muy satisfecho)

How many SAGE events did you attend last year? *

¿A cuántos eventos de SAGE asististe el año pasado?

0 responses – More than 15 events
1 response – 10-15 events
2 responses – 7-9 events
7 responses – 5-6 events
8 responses – 2-4 events
5 responses – Less than 2 events this year
1 response – I don’t attend events

If you do NOT attend SAGE events, why?

Si no asistes a los eventos de SAGE, por favor responde cual es la razón?

Schedule conflicts. Brown bags are the most frequent events and they are difficult to get to if you work.
Many events were scheduled during work hours or we had scheduling conflicts
Can’t find the time
Usually because of timing/availability
Not worth the time / not helpful with furthering my child’s GT education.
It’s only ever bc of scheduling conflicts
Asked for advocacy and poor response

Which of the following events have you attended? For any that you attended, please let us know if they met your expectations.

¿A cual de los siguientes eventos has asistido? Por favor déjanos saber si los eventos cumplieron con tus expectativas.

Monthly Coffee Chat or Brown Bag with district personnel
13 Met Expectations
1 Did Not Meet Expectations

Gifted Pathways Event 2017
10 Met Expectations
0 Did Not Meet Expectations

Events for my Campus (principal coffee, pool party, spaghetti dinner)
9 Met Expectations
2 Did Not Meet Expectations

Social and networking events
10 Met Expectations
2 Did Not Meet Expectations

SAGE Summer Spotlight
7 Met Expectations
0 Did Not Meet Expectations

Escape the Bus digital/mobile escape room, keynote
2 Met Expectations
0 Did Not Meet Expectations

Top Tier Colleges w/GCISD Counselors
6 Met Expectations
1 Did Not Meet Expectations

Campus Representative meetings
10 Met Expectations
2 Did Not Meet Expectations

Parent Discussion Group
8 Met Expectations
1 Did Not Meet Expectations

What types of events would you like to see from SAGE in the future?

¿Qué tipos de eventos te gustaría que SAGE organizara?

Events with district leaders or speakers who can advise and guide parents with gifted children
College students that can help advise parents and students on ins and out of how gifted education can provide opportunities for students
I enjoy the Brown Bag meetings
Parenting GT kids, Scholarships and after school programs and activities availabilities, more guest speakers
I am an elementary parent and most events seem geared to secondary
More parent/student panels to ask questions or discuss topics
Parent programs/chats and play dates after 5:30p or on the weekends
like hearing from students in high school
Anything talking about the gifted curriculum
More parent learning opportunities
I repeatedly asked to be included in emails with event updates from SAGE and rarely received emails. Based on information received, did not appear that SAGE is active at [school redacted].
I love the events where students and parents talk about their own experiences
Many of the ones above but gained valuable insight at the district personnel information sessions and gifted pathways event. Would be good repeats. Also would like to learn more about how SAGE and possibly how the 2E and Special Ed groups might be able to partner with resources & advocacy efforts. (SAGE, BOLD, PSP etc) How does Sage and these other groups get supported by our PTA directly or indirectly. Are there some synergies between these groups?
Very pleased so far
More helping events: resources, information to help our students in school and out of school, guidance for emotional support/counseling options, brainstorming/productive conversations about what our students need from the district (different acceleration options, etc.) so we can have a fuller conversation with the district
The same as last year, more about self-directed learning, emphasis on GT with STEM emphasis, scholarships, any competitions and projects for GT kids
high end Keynote speakers, podcasts, student participation events
Like all the events but they seem to be created online late

What would you like to learn about at SAGE’s next educational event?

¿Qué tema te gustaría que se tratara en el próximo evento de SAGE?

Understanding the path of classes for middle and HS gifted kids
Resources for GT kids , parenting GT kids, Scholarships, college ready
2E (excited about the movie!)
What’s happening with the first ASPIRE class in high school
How to help my GT student excel and remain intellectually challenged.
Prepping your 8th grader for the GT opps in 9th grade (high school). It seemed that CHHS was very disorganized with this for the 17-18 school year, so I didn’t really get a lot of valid info on this. Right now I feel like I’m in the dark with regards to what it means to be GT in high school (but not ASPIRE).
Into to GT by each grade segment-elementary, middle and HS. Many students identified at different stages and families don’t know what to expect. Also, would like to see big picture of SAGE with roadmap of the year and what support is needed.
Emotional needs
Ways to support our kids – in particular perfectionism, need to be seen as “smart”, etc. What resources are available? Are there therapists that specialize in the area?
STEM with GT, self-directed learning, scholarships, community service for GT kids, competition events and projects like science or arts/humanities for GT kids

How would you rate your overall satisfaction level with the following activities delivered by SAGE?

¿Cómo calificarías el nivel de satisfacción en base a los eventos organizados por SAGE?

Educational Programs
13 – Satisfied or Very Satisfied
7 – Neutral
1 – Unsatisfied or Very Unsatisfied

District Personnel Presentations
14 – Satisfied or Very Satisfied
5 – Neutral
3 – Unsatisfied or Very Unsatisfied

Campus Specific Events
12 – Satisfied or Very Satisfied
3 – Neutral
3 – Unsatisfied or Very Unsatisfied

Social Events
12 – Satisfied or Very Satisfied
3 – Neutral
3 – Unsatisfied or Very Unsatisfied

6 – Satisfied or Very Satisfied
3 – Neutral
2 – Unsatisfied or Very Unsatisfied

Educator Grants & Recognition
11 – Satisfied or Very Satisfied
2 – Neutral
1 – Unsatisfied or Very Unsatisfied

16 – Satisfied or Very Satisfied
5 – Neutral
1 – Unsatisfied or Very Unsatisfied

SAGE Website
14 – Satisfied or Very Satisfied
3 – Neutral
2 – Unsatisfied or Very Unsatisfied

How would you rate your satisfaction level with the cost of dues for SAGE Membership?

¿Cómo calificarías el costo de la membresía de SAGE?

0 – Not Satisfied at All
1 – Somewhat Unsatisfied
4 – Neutral
5 – Somewhat Satisfied
14 – Very Satisfied

How likely are you to renew your SAGE Membership for 2018-19?

¿Qué tan probable es que renueves tu membresía de SAGE?

6 – I’m a Lifetime Member (Soy miembro de por vida)
12 – Extremely Likely (extremadamente probable)
3 – Very Likely (Muy probable)
1 – Somewhat Likely (Algo probable)
0 – Not Very Likely (No muy probable)
2 – Not at All Likely (No probable)
0 – Don’t Know ( No se)



Have you ever served in a volunteer role for SAGE? *

¿Has participado como voluntario de SAGE?

6 – Yes … highly involved (current or past Campus Representative or Executive Board) (Si… muy involucrado)
1 – Yes … I occasionally volunteer (Si, ocasionalmente)
5 – No … but I would like to volunteer (- No… pero me gustaría ser voluntario)
12 – No … and I do not wish to / do not have time to volunteer (No… y no cuento con el tiempo para ser voluntario)

If you have an interest in helping with SAGE’s efforts in the following areas, please check all that interest you:

Si deseas ayudar a SAGE en algunas de las siguientes áreas, por favor marca las áreas de interés.

4 – Twice-exceptional gifted students (Estudiantes doblemente excepcionales)
1 – Spanish-speaking gifted students (Estudiantes dotados de habla hispana)
4 – Teacher appreciation (Apreciación de profesores)
6 – Campus events (Eventos de la escuela/Campus)
2 Other: Anything, Advocacy

Request for a “Testimonial” Comment

Peticion Para Que Compartas Tu Experiencia

I love to attend the SAGE events and every time I went to their events I always gain so many information that I thought I knew but I didn’t. Great organization where you can get a lot of resources for your GT kids.
SAGE has provided me with opportunities for my children I wouldn’t have been given otherwise. There is also a feeling of support and people to guide you through when you need help.
SAGE is a fantastic resource for parents raising a gifted student in GCISD.
Last year’s 6 week parent learning opportunity with TAGT on parenting gifted students was wonderful. It helped network and give opportunity to learn from each other with directed conversations. I think it is the best takeaway from SAGE yet and makes me want to stay on as a member
No. The only information I regularly received was about SAGE efforts to ensure GT funding was continued and to write politicians. SAGE not very active at [school redacted]. I was looking for an active GT program, we moved to TX in 2017.
Yes, it’s very informational and supportive for parents/GT scholars and continuing to be a great advocate and improving for Aspire Academy and GT programs.