To keep our GT community connected with out latest activities for the week of Aug 15 to Aug 20, 2022. And to highlight what you as individuals can do to join in our efforts.

Thursday Aug 20:

GC-SAGE Board met to review all the feedback and requests from the community, and then sent a letter to the GCISD School Board with the following asks. View the entire letter.

– A meeting with Dr. Schnautz, Dr. Leslie, and the leadership team to review the expectations of our families and determine the best way to preserve the culture of commitment to meeting the needs of all gifted learners 

– For the fall semester, an explanation of how differentiation will occur in these “stacked” classes

– For the spring semester, a consideration to rebuild the master schedule to reinstate the GT courses 

– Assurances that the GT high school classes will continue to be offered in the future

Friday Aug 21:

GC-SAGE hosted an open strategy session to organize requests and actions related to recent changes to GT support in the district.

Saturday Aug 22: Email recapping Aug 21 meeting

What attendees would like the SAGE board to do:

  • Request a meeting with GCISD Board President, Mr. Ford.
  • Determine why there are GT classes conflicting with each other in the master schedule.
  • Advocate for a plan to meet GT students’ social and emotional needs when they are not in a specialized GT class.
  • Keep asking why there is such difficulty creating GT classes this year.
  • Determine the feasibility of using GT student teachers.

What members of the GT community can do:

  • Attend and speak at GCISD School Board meetings. (We would love to see and hear from you at the meeting on Monday, August 22 at 7:00 pm.)
  • Email the school board members. Email addresses are located here.
  • Show love and support to our teachers via emails, tweets, notes, etc.
  • Pay attention to the Texas Legislative session.
  • Partner with SAGE for North Texas Giving Day September 22.
  • Join SAGE! We advocate for all GT learners regardless of your membership status, but it is helpful to have as many members as possible. Join here!
  • Volunteer as a campus representative so that SAGE can have clear channels of communication about what’s going on with GT at all of our campuses.