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SAGE is excited to introduce our new speaker series entitled, “Your Future, Your Path: Career Conversations with People Who Found the Right Fit.”  

With the rapid advancement of technology and science, today’s world is changing at a mind-boggling pace.  This has left many students overwhelmed or unaware of potential exciting career options.  As one of SAGE’s core charters is to support and advocate for gifted students, we would love the opportunity to expose students to unique career and life opportunities.  Our hope is to provide a glimpse into unique job options for our outside-of-the-box wired students. 

All SAGE members, families, and the community at large are welcome to attend these virtual meetings, but the content will be tailored towards secondary level GT students.  The format of the virtual meetings will vary according to each speaker’s topic and personality.  More specific information on each meeting will be shared in the newsletter, on social media, and our website. 

The first meeting of our series is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 11th at 6:30PM, and will feature John St. John, the Heat of Data Science at Dell.

Thursday Feb, 11th,

6:30 PM via Zoom

Featuring John St. John

Head of Data Science at Dell

John St. John describes himself as the typical GT student of the 80’s.  He won the national science fair at 14, and his project was one of the student projects picked to be on the ill-fated Challenger space shuttle.  That said, he also was a solid C student, as he rarely turned in any of his homework. 

John advocates for Dell in education, working to explain the coming difficulties that our globe faces with the surge in data and data literacy that is like no change since the industrial revolution.  Dell is encouraging students in the direction of “critical thinking” skills that include STEM, but also into research areas of liberal arts and social studies.  John’s presentation will feature what humanity faces in terms of data and using it to make decisions by 2030 (which is when many of our students will be entering the workforce). 

John has a PhD in physical chemistry, is former professor of Chemistry from SMU, and currently holds an adjunct role at TCU in data science. 

Please join SAGE as we welcome John St. John as our first speaker in our exciting new series