Are you a GT kid with a smart idea that serves others? Need a little funding for your project? You could win up to $100 from SAGE for your project! Let’s Give it Forward Together — apply today for a G.I.F.T. Mini-Grant!

Each selected project will be awarded a mini-grant for up to $100 from SAGE. The mini-grants are funded through SAGE Memberships and fundraisers.If you would like to give a tax-deductible donation to SAGE so we can continue activities supporting gifted families, their students, and their educators — click here.

Previous winners: 2020

We had an amazing response to our call for entries! SAGE wants to support our gifted students who are using their smarts and their hearts to serve our community during the spring 2020 school closure.

Here are the 2020 recipients of our first-ever SAGE G.I.F.T. Mini-Grants: Giving It Forward Together.

Featured in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram! Caroline, Livi and Madi, 5th Grade, Silver Lake Elementary, receive a SAGE G.I.F.T. Mini-Grant to “give it forward” by creating a historical document about the pandemic. “The Letter Book will contain handwritten letters from people in Grapevine, which will go into a binder and be displayed in City Hall.  The purpose of the project is to give community members an opportunity to express their feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects it has had on families, to document history, so that people in the future can look back on it.”

Check out @YOLOMasks on Twitter or Facebook! Ava, 10th Grade, Grapevine High, and Audrey, 12th Grade, E.A. Young Academy, receive a SAGE G.I.F.T. Mini-Grant to “give it forward” by making and donating masks for healthcare workers. “As we got further into the process and made more masks we had multiple people reach out in need of masks to run essential errands. This prompted the idea to begin selling masks accompanied by the goal to donate a mask for each mask sold and teach others how to do it themselves. Total mask donations to healthcare providers, first responders and hospitals: 137. Over 250 if you also count masks made for friends and family, which also helps meet our mission to Spread Hope, Not Germs!”

CBSDFW featured this project on the news! Jordyn, 7th Grade, Grapevine Middle School-STEM, receives a SAGE G.I.F.T. Mini-Grant to “give it forward” to our medical professionals. “I am 3D printing ear saver mask straps for essential medical workers and passing them out. They are used with face masks to relieve the pressure from the mask ear loops on doctor and nurses ears. So far I’ve sent some to 5 different hospitals, several community pharmacies and a doctors office.”

Elena, 7th Grade, Cross Timbers Middle, receive a SAGE G.I.F.T. Mini-Grant to “give it forward” by making care packages and kindness cards: “I made care packages for 20 families and delivered them. I am currently making kindness cards for over fifty families. I would spend a $50 reward on art supplies to continue to brighten people’s day with creatively designed kindness cards.”

Mia, 4th Grade, Cannon Elementary, receives a SAGE G.I.F.T. Mini-Grant to “give it forward” to our furry feline friends: “I am fostering 1 week old kittens around the clock, sometimes every 2 hours, including in the middle of the night. I am helping Dallas Animal Services find kitten adopters. With $50, I would buy a kitten Tespo play pen and kitten milk replacer formula.”

Stephanie, 5th Grade, Silver Lake Elementary, receive a SAGE G.I.F.T. Mini-Grant to “give it forward” to her neighbors by making disinfecting wipes. “Here is how you make them: First, cut a paper towel roll in half and place it in a container. In another container, mix 2 cups of water, half a cup of white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of dish soap, and 10 drops of your favorite essential oil.”

Avery, 3rd Grade, Grapevine Elementary, receives a SAGE G.I.F.T. Mini-Grant to “give it forward” to medical professionals. “I’ll make ear protectors for doctors and nurses at Children’s Medical Center so as they reuse their masks to conserve equipment, it doesn’t hurt their ears. $50 would allow us to make 200 ear protectors.”

Ariana and Mia, 5th Grade, Silver Lake Elementary, receive a SAGE G.I.F.T. Mini-Grant to “give it forward” to our homeless community. “We would like materials to make kits with donuts, water bottles and wipes, and give it to the homeless mission. I have many helpers supporting this cause, including Cafe Italia and Shipley’s Donuts.”

The entry deadline was April 24, 2020. The winners were selected by the SAGE Executive Board, and notified on May 1.