SAGE will commemorate our first 10 years of accomplishments on our official 10th anniversary, December 2, 2020!

Even today, SAGE’s mission and objectives are the same as they were in 2010. Critically, we continue to represent the GT parent voice. Public education once again faces potential budget cuts, given the lower overall revenue projected by the state. Parent involvement in our volunteer run organization continues to be the key to protecting the future of GT services in our district, just as it is in every district across Texas!

From our original steering members to our current volunteers, dozens of amazing people have contributed to SAGE’s many accomplishments. Throughout this school year, we will share more with our members about SAGE’s first decade of Supporting and Advocating for Gifted Education here in Grapevine-Colleyville.

Top 5 Reasons SAGE Was Originally Formed

1: In 2010, public education funding had been cut and districts across Texas were looking at ways to save costs.

2: Elementary GT pullout (then known as PAT) was one possible area on the list in GCISD, and yet was considered by elementary GT families to be the most valuable part of the kids’ week.

3: GT parents were hoping to increase differentiated and accelerated learning opportunities for GCISD gifted & talented students, not lose them!

4: At the same time, the district was drafting its 10 year LEAD 2021 strategic plan with broad community input and those same volunteers served on various teams to protect GT services long term and benefit all students.

5: Wanting to provide a voice for our kids, a group of elementary parents representing all 11 schools came together to form SAGE.

Top 5 Accomplishments of the District — 2010 to 2020 — that Support Gifted Learners

During the past decade, GCISD worked to add programs for gifted, accelerated, and advanced students. The top 5 are:

1: ASPIRE Academy, now expanded from 1st grade through 11th grade

2: Standardized district-wide math telescoping, which was previously limited to only a few students.

3: Added GT sections of secondary classes.

4: Increased the number of teachers with GT certification.

5: Rolled out an Extension & Enrichment program that benefits all children in mainstream classrooms, including clustering of GT students in classrooms.

Have you been part of SAGE’s history? Help with our timeline!

We are compiling highlights from a decade of meeting minutes, flyers, newsletters, and social media posts — and we need your help adding memories and details about our accomplishments. We invite SAGE friends and founders to contribute to our historical highlights document ASAP. Contact Amy Warren, to collaborate or with questions.