The GCISD Council of PTAs established the Exceptional Children Committee with a vote during its August 2019 board meeting. The committee will make a huge difference for GCISD’s exceptional children who learn in ways that are the exception to the norm, with a learning difference of any kind, such as ADHD, Dyslexia, autism, giftedness, speech language challenges, emotional disturbances, and others.

SAGE thanks the Council for establishing this committee to provide a PTA voice for students who do not fit into the average mold; for boldly saying that all kids deserve a voice and an appropriate education tailored to their abilities.

Read this article from The Fissure blog about how other PTAs have included gifted as a special needs and successfully increased awareness and initiated important conversations, support, and positive action for all groups.

Want to get involved?

Parents and educators who would like to participate in this committee may contact the Council of PTAs President Kim Farbisz at