Identifying G/T students from diverse backgrounds requires teacher training, specific and updated testing, and the time and energy of a committee. All of these require protected and dedicated funding to ensure quality programming. I was proud to offer an amendment to HB 3 on the floor on Tuesday to put the dedicated funding allotment for … Continue reading Texas Representative Ana-Maria Ramos

Texas Representative Ana-Maria Ramos

My family supports GT education because gifted students come from all cultural and economic backgrounds. Public schools have a duty to meet the needs of every student, including high ability students. When districts don’t have strong gifted programs, GT parents with resources are forced to put their children in private school or to try homeschooling. … Continue reading Texas parent

Texas parent

A Gifted/Talented program is important in so many ways! Not only do GT programs provide opportunities for challenging academics, a GT program provides students with opportunities to grow emotionally and socially. A GT program provides students with an outlet where they can collaborate with other GT students and take academic and creative risks. A GT … Continue reading Paula Fippinger, Advanced Academics Coordinator, Bridgeport ISD

Paula Fippinger, Advanced Academics Coordinator, Bridgeport ISD

Texas PTA has included "gifted and talented" in its list of Legislative Positions: "Funding for Specific Areas: PTA supports continued state funding of pre-K, kindergarten, bilingual education, vocational education, compensatory education, gifted and talented, special handicapped needs, textbooks, education service centers, libraries and community education." Read more about Texas PTA State Advocacy.

Texas PTA

Why would the Texas Legislature knowingly choose to defund the education of the brightest children? The answer is simple: it’s popular. It is easy to kick-around gifted education. It is easy to make jokes about nerdy and unathletic kids. And it is easy to not worry about gifted kids because everyone knows they will do … Continue reading Meredith Austin, Ed.D.

Meredith Austin, Ed.D.

From Understood: 7 Myths About Twice-Exceptional (2E) Students. " Myth #5: Addressing weaknesses should be the top priority when helping 2E students. The National Education Association stresses that programs for 2E learners should be individualized to meet both special education and gifted needs. One isn’t more important than the other. Some school districts even have individualized learning … Continue reading Amanda Morin

Amanda Morin

In the United States, our goal is to provide a free and appropriate education for all children. Yet children with advanced cognitive ability are likely to enter their classrooms having mastered over half of the curriculum before the first day. Gifted young people have an intense intellectual curiosity and are eager to explore and learn, … Continue reading Institute for Educational Advancement

Institute for Educational Advancement

From Motherly: "The most common problem I see in my work is the child who is struggling in school because he doesn’t think or learn at the same level or in the same way as the rest of the classroom. "In fact, gifted kids are more likely than any other population to be misdiagnosed. While their … Continue reading Teresa Currivan

Teresa Currivan Keep the Gifted Allotment in Place in House Bill 3 A repeal of the G/T allotment will de-emphasize the importance of gifted education in Texas affecting more than 400,000 students. ... Allowing all funding to go through general funding will not assure that gifted education WILL gets its proper funding!! Although HB3 has required districts to … Continue reading Petition Petition

Other states have made similar funding changes in the past for gifted education programs, with unexpected consequences. For example, in 2009, the state of Ohio chose to move their G/T funds to its general education funds. As a result, complaints of inequities in G/T services increased to such extent over the next 9 years that … Continue reading Ohio restores GT allotment after 10 years of increased inequity in GT services

Ohio restores GT allotment after 10 years of increased inequity in GT services