Meet your Representative and start connecting with our large network of parents and teachers across our schools and cities.

Elementary Campuses
Bear Creek EL Campus Representative Carolina Poché
Bear Creek EL GT Specialist Sheri Robbins
Bear Creek EL Principal Bryan Calvert
Bransford EL Campus Representative
Bransford EL GT Specialist Lori Kirkhuff
Bransford EL Principal Jamie Halliburton
Cannon EL Campus Representative Ann Marie Scott
Cannon EL GT Specialist Melanie Gable
Cannon EL Principal Tina Garrett
Colleyville EL Campus Representative Erin Burkholder
Colleyville EL GT Specialist Crystall Peterson
Colleyville EL Principal Sheila Shimmick
Dove EL Campus Representative Debjani Pal Choudhuri-Ghose
Dove EL GT Specialist Kim Gale
Dove EL Principal Heather Landrum
Glenhope ASPIRE Campus Representative Heidi Hughes
Glenhope ASPIRE Campus Representative Amy Cave
Glenhope EL ASPIRE Teacher Lynette Hollinger
Glenhope EL GT Specialist Angela Harris
Glenhope EL Principal Dr. Wynette Griffin
Grapevine EL Campus Representative Harmonie Farrow
Grapevine EL GT Specialist Tressa Maddux
Grapevine EL Principal Nancy Hale
Heritage EL Campus Representative Julie Rockaway
Heritage EL GT Specialist Angie Connell
Heritage EL Principal Jill Hemme
OC Taylor EL Campus Representative Jamie Weatherall
OC Taylor EL GT Specialist Kathy Griffin
OC Taylor EL Principal Lisa Young Pedevilla
Silver Lake EL Campus Representative Cassandra Wood
Silver Lake EL GT Specialist Kristina Callaway
Silver Lake EL Principal Nicole Whiteside
Timberline EL Campus Representative Joe Sanchez
Timberline EL Campus Representative Robin Morgan
Timberline EL GT Specialist Ronda Bennett
Timberline EL Principal Liz Hilcher
Middle Schools
Cross Timbers ASPIRE Campus Representative Amy Cole
Cross Timbers ASPIRE Campus Representative Heidi McGall
Cross Timbers MS Campus Representative
Cross Timbers MS Teacher Erin Bereuter
Cross Timbers MS Principal Alex Fingers
Colleyville MS Campus Representative
Colleyville MS Teacher Deborah Morgan
Colleyville MS Principal Dr. David Arrencibia
Grapevine MS Campus Representative
Grapevine MS Teacher
Kristin Donovan de Iturrino
Grapevine MS Principal Laura Koehler
Heritage MS Campus Representative
Heritage MS Teacher Kay Mc Master
Heritage MS Principal Dr. James Whitfield
High Schools
High School ASPIRE Campus Representative Kim Farbisz
GHS Campus Representative Charlene Kasse
CHHS Campus Representative Renee Wright
CHHS Campus Representative Ellen Weaver
CHHS Teacher Judy Huston
CHHS Principal Dr. Lance Groppel
GHS Teacher Jasmine Escalante
GHS Principal David Denning
Private/Home School
EA Young Campus Representative Sharon Gorman

These representatives focus on the unique needs of a particular segment of our gifted population:

Campus Clusters:

Cluster 1 Cluster 2 Cluster 3 Cluster 4
Grapevine MS Cross Timbers MS Heritage MS Colleyvile MS
Silver Lake Glenhope Heritage EL Bransford
Dove Timberline Bear Creek Colleyville EL
Cannon ASPIRE EL/MS Grapevine EL OC Taylor