Meet your Representative and start connecting with our large network of parents and teachers across our schools and cities.

These representatives focus on the unique needs of a particular segment of our gifted population:

These volunteers represent campuses:

Updated 21 November 2018

Elementary Campuses  
Bear Creek ELCampus RepresentativeCarolina Poché
Bear Creek ELCampus RepresentativeAmy Warren (Exec)
Bear Creek ELGT SpecialistSheri Robbins
Bear Creek ELPrincipalBryan Calvert
Bransford ELCampus RepresentativeTreva Smith
Bransford ELCampus RepresentativeKristi Rizkalla
Bransford ELGT SpecialistLori Kirkhuff
Bransford ELPrincipalJamie Halliburton
Cannon ELCampus RepresentativeMichelle Allen
Cannon ELCampus RepresentativeAnn Scott
Cannon ELGT SpecialistMelanie Gable
Cannon ELPrincipalTona Blizzard
Colleyville ELCampus RepresentativeTracie Papadakis
Colleyville ELCampus RepresentativeAmy Warren (Exec)
Colleyville ELGT SpecialistCrystall Peterson
Colleyville ELPrincipalSheila Shimmick
Dove ELCampus RepresentativeDebjani Pal Choudhuri-Ghose
Dove ELCampus RepresentativeJohn Logan (Exec)
Dove ELGT SpecialistKim Gale
Dove ELPrincipalHeather Landrum
Glenhope ELCampus RepresentativeHeidi Hughes
Glenhope ELCampus RepresentativeLynn Bui Tran
Glenhope ELGT SpecialistAngela Harris
Glenhope ELASPIRE TeacherLynette Hollinger
Glenhope ELPrincipalDr. Wynette Griffin
Grapevine ELCampus RepresentativeAmy Cave
Grapevine ELCampus RepresentativeHarmonie Farrow
Grapevine ELGT SpecialistTressa Maddux
Grapevine ELPrincipalLiz Hilcher
Heritage ELCampus RepresentativeJulie Rockaway
Heritage ELGT SpecialistAngie Connell
Heritage ELPrincipalJill Hemme
OC Taylor ELCampus RepresentativeBetsy Dodson
OC Taylor ELCampus RepresentativeJanelle O'Haugherty
OC Taylor ELGT SpecialistKathy Griffin
OC Taylor ELPrincipalLisa Young
Silver Lake ELCampus RepresentativeJo Kruzel
Silver Lake ELCampus RepresentativeAmy Warren (Exec)
Silver Lake ELGT SpecialistCindy Garcia
Silver Lake ELPrincipalDr. Shannon Cole
Timberline ELCampus RepresentativeRobin Morgan
Timberline ELCampus RepresentativeChristina Salinas (Exec)
Timberline ELGT SpecialistRonda Bennett
Timberline ELPrincipalShelley Ingram
Middle Schools
Cross Timbers MSCampus RepresentativeAmy Cole
Cross Timbers MSCampus RepresentativeHeidi McGall
Cross Timbers MSTeacherErin Bereuter
Cross Timbers MSPrincipalAlex Fingers
Colleyville MSCampus RepresentativeSweta Reddy
Colleyville MSCampus Representative
Colleyville MSTeacherDeborah Morgan
Colleyville MSPrincipalDr. David Arrencibia
Grapevine MSCampus RepresentativeValerie Kacmarcik
Grapevine MSTeacherMollie Sheridan
Grapevine MSPrincipalLaura Koehler
Heritage MSCampus RepresentativeOpen
Heritage MSCampus RepresentativeJodi McCormack
Heritage MSTeacherKay Mc Master
Heritage MSPrincipalScott Saettel
High Schools
ASPIRE HSCampus RepresentativeKim Farbisz
CHHSCampus RepresentativeRenee Wright
CHHSCampus RepresentativeEllen Weaver
CHHSTeacherJudy Huston
CHHSPrincipalDr. Lance Groppel
GHSCampus RepresentativeCharlene Kasse
GHSTeacher, GTACJasmine Escalante
GHSPrincipalDavid Denning
Private/Home School
EA YoungCampus RepresentativeSharon Gorman
GCISDDirector of Advanced AcademicsJulie Leslie
GCISDGT ConsultantSaundra Necessary
SENGParent Discussion GroupLen Avecilla


Campus Clusters:

Cluster 1 Cluster 2 Cluster 3 Cluster 4
Grapevine MS Cross Timbers MS Heritage MS Colleyvile MS
Silver Lake Glenhope Heritage EL Bransford
Dove Timberline Bear Creek Colleyville EL
Cannon ASPIRE EL/MS Grapevine EL OC Taylor