SAGE — Supporting and Advocating for Gifted Education — is a Grapevine/Colleyville Gifted & Talented (G/T) support group that collaborates with parents and educators to ensure that gifted children in our community reach their fullest potential.

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  • A SAGE Membership is a family membership — all members of one family can attend meetings under the same membership. (We also offer free Educator Memberships.)
  • A SAGE Membership includes a Parent Affiliate Membership in the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (TAGT) — a $15 value. 
  • Members get free admission to SAGE’s monthly events that focus on parenting and teaching exceptional students.
  • SAGE Campus Representatives will invite you to GT family events, where you can network with parents, teachers, principals and counselors.
  • We’ll send you the monthly SAGE e-newsletter with the latest news that affects your gifted student. Plus, SAGE keeps close tabs on the Texas Legislature’s plans to fund gifted programs.
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SAGE’s Mission

  • Our mission is to ensure gifted children in the Grapevine/Colleyville area reach their fullest potential by advocating on their behalf; connecting parents to valuable resources and to each other; and by educating and supporting their teachers and administrators.

Goals for 2018-2019

  • SAGE educates our community about giftedness.
  • SAGE promotes “well-being” in addition to academic achievement, and aims to help gifted & talented (GT) students learn to self-advocate.
  • SAGE supports all GT students. We also recognize unique needs of three particular segments of our gifted population: twice-exceptional (2e), under-identified populations, and the highly gifted.
  • SAGE recognizes outstanding students and educators in our gifted community.
  • SAGE continues to build our solid network of involved and informed GT advocates.


  • SAGE began in the fall of 2010 by a group of parents of gifted students in the gifted pull-out program then known as PAT. The parents came together from across GCISD to raise awareness of the unique needs of gifted students.
  • 2011 brought our first annual membership drive, an expansion to include middle and high school families, and the chance to bring a unified voice to the gifted children of our area.
  • Working in partnership with the district, members of our leadership team are serving on various district committees and are committed to advocating on behalf of these children.

SAGE Accomplishments 2017-2018

  • SAGE funded training for more than 60 educators and provided grants for classroom materials.
  • SAGE’s campus-level fundraising provided needed classroom resources and assessment materials for teachers and administrators. We also began featuring GT educators’ online classroom wishlists on our website.
  • SAGE honored one outstanding GT Educator per month, nominated by parents or students.
  • SAGE funded our third $1000 scholarship for a graduating GT senior’s college tuition.
  • SAGE’s monthly Coffee Chats and Brown Bags featured key district personnel, including GCISD’s Director of Advanced Academics, Director of Math, Director of Testing, Exec Director of Learning.
  • SAGE’s campus-level events featured district personnel including our Deputy Superintendent, Principals, Counselors, GT Specialists, and Educators. Events included Coffee + Q&As (OCT, GES, GHES, CTMS), Dessert & Discussion (CMS), pool parties (GHES ASPIRE, CTMS GT/ASPIRE); a spaghetti dinner (CTMS), and a district-wide GT playdate (hosted by OCT).
  • SAGE’s second annual “Gifted Pathways” event featured a keynote about “Best Practices in Gifted Advocacy,” and two breakout tracks for elementary and secondary families featuring Gifted 101, insights from National Merit Scholars, KD College Prep, and a dozen district counselors answering specific questions. Attendees could sign up for a time slot to chat with a GT expert.
  • SAGE partnered with Southlake’s gifted parents for a “Digital Learning” event featuring a globally known, young entrepreneur Travis Allen giving three keynote speeches plus a fun family escape room learning experience.
  • SAGE facilitated a 6-week parent discussion group during which participants read and discussed a book about supporting our children’s social and emotional needs.
  • SAGE has a new advocacy partner for our twice-exceptional (2e) learners, with the group BOLD. We presented about gifted learning differences in a session at BOLD’s inaugural event.
  • SAGE hosted a reception honoring GCISD’s retiring and incoming Directors of Advanced Academics.
  • SAGE hosted a forum for school board trustee candidates that focused specifically on gifted education.
  • SAGE was present at the Rachel’s Challenge event in support of spreading kindness in our district.
  • SAGE’s “top tier colleges” session featured the Counseling Department once again giving their first-hand reports of college visits.
  • SAGE hosted a vendor fair of camps and classes that would be challenging and enriching for gifted students, and included a Q&A panel of diverse GT parents.
  • SAGE hosted a fundraising social at Dave and Buster’s and are hosting a playground social in late July.

SAGE Achievements prior to 2018

  • Provided input into the ASPIRE Academy expansion to middle school
  • Served on GTAC for ASPIRE HS expansion in 2018
  • Built relationship with the Advanced Academics Director
  • Advanced Academics is a top district goal for the last 8 years
  • Representation on the Gifted and Talented Advisory Committee which meets several times a year
  • Enlisted SAGE teacher and parent representatives for each of our 19 campuses
  • Enlisted the support of principals and held several campus meetings
  • Increase in teachers with GT certification
  • Over 150 teachers are SAGE members
  • General SAGE membership has more than tripled
  • Helped to gain more visibility and accessibility to the district telescoping program
  • Provided input into the development and growth of the ASPIRE Academy for highly gifted kids
  • Assisted in the implementation of several programs in the students’ regular classrooms (such as E2) to ensure that they can be challenged all of the time, not just when they are pulled out
  • Provided input into the deeper clustering of GT kids in the classroom so that they can benefit from socially interacting and learning with each other
  • Helped to ensure that curriculum changes were not detrimental to GT kids
  • Provided over $10,000 in scholarships for classroom teachers to attend GT specific training as well as student scholarships for seniors
  • Have hosted multiple showcases, nationally recognized authors, speakers, vendor fairs and parent events to educate and support our GT parents
  • Collaborate with other GT parent groups around the state to bring in speakers and share best practices
  • Host Lunch and Learns with district personnel
  • Advocated for above level testing GT students
  • Advocated for flexible scheduling and modes of learning at the secondary level to facilitate personalized learning


Below are examples of our frequent events. Click here for the latest announcements about upcoming events. Join SAGE to get our newsletter with lots of information.

  • Speaker Series: Special speakers on topics pertinent to gifted education are scheduled throughout the year.
  • Brown Bags and Coffee Chats are usually presentations with a Q&A, or informal conversations with a guest speaker.
  • Summer Spotlight is our annual vendor fair for DFW-area camps, classes, and online learning. Local school districts, colleges and educational vendors will be represented. Browse exhibitors’ promotional materials and ask questions directly to representatives.
  • Showcase offers GT students to display their science, visual arts and literary works.
  • Community events in recent years include an area-wide TAGT Family Fun Night and a collaboration with Southlake to bring in Julie Lythcott-Haims.

These events are usually open to everyone with a charge at the door for non-members — and free to SAGE members! Join today.

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