SAGE advocates for all GT Learners to have differentiated experiences for ongoing growth. Over the past two years, we have focused on issues based on hearing from many of you. The majority of our efforts fall into three key areas:

  • Differentiation: Ensuring the District is aware of the positive impact of supporting the differentiated needs of our gifted learners, including our twice-exceptional and highly gifted students. 
  • Opportunities: Educating District leaders about the opportunities and expectations for student access to above-level curriculum and literature
  • Educator Experience: Emphasizing the value of dedicated time and budget for ongoing educator training, professional development and collaboration.

As the SAGE Board looks ahead to plan for the next two years, we are keeping these goals at the forefront. Please use the survey sent to members via email to let us know these still align with what is important to your family.

You can find an ongoing list of SAGE accomplishments here.

Opportunities to Use Your Voice:

Members can also share their concerns with SAGE leadership by filling out the member survey in their email.

Continuing our Commitment to GT Learners: 

In our updated Momentum and Roadblocks chart, you’ll see we’ve called out several concerns. We continue to discuss these items with District leadership and we encourage you to also speak up if you feel these items impact your families.

Large table divided by range of years in columns and categories in rows of different changes that have happened over the past 12 years of SAGE Advocacy.

Advocacy at the core of SAGE

As SAGE is an advocacy organization for all GT families, we’ve spent all year meeting with District Officials to be proactive about sustaining the team and resources that keep GT LEAD and ASPIRE Academy operating, and make it possible for students to achieve nationwide recognition. We do not want to lose momentum. 

We invite you to refer back to last year’s update for additional context.

A downloadable history of SAGE Advocacy