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Announcing the 2e Monthly Chat for Parents and Educators

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SAGE is pleased to announce the SAGE 2e Monthly Chat for parents and educators of twice-exceptional learners — students who are gifted AND have another learning difference such as dyslexia, ADHD, etc.

The 2e Monthly Chat will be held every second Tuesday of the month. The first meeting is Tuesday, October 8, from 6:30 to 8:00. Market Street, 2nd Floor dining area; feel free to eat dinner during the chat.

Please email for further details.

The 2e Monthly Chat will be informal. Attend when you can, and feel free to come and go. The topic will be whatever the group would like to discuss regarding twice-exceptional students. We will gauge the group on the needs and what people would like from the group.

Anyone can attend and you are not required to be a SAGE member. Parents and educators are invited. Let’s be a resource to one another; share ideas, experiences and resources — so we don’t feel alone on the 2e journey!

Twice-Exceptional (or 2e) Resources

Please let us know if you have additional resources to add to this list.


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