You are invited to SAGE’s Brown Bag Lunch & Learn with special guest Dr. Suzanne Newell, Executive Director of Learning for Grapevine-Colleyville ISD.

Bring a lunch and arrive early and network with other GT parents. Feel free to enjoy your lunch during the presentation.

Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018

GCISD Administration Building, 3051 Ira E. Woods Avenue

Find us in the Alamo Room.

Bring your own lunch and drink.

11:15 a.m. Lunch & networking begins
11:30 a.m. Presentation begins Question and answer session to follow.

Admission is free for SAGE members’ families and $5 at the door for non-members. Join SAGE or renew your annual SAGE membership online now.

Post-event questions answered

Dr. Newell graciously answered additional these questions from our audience:

SAGE Brown Bag Lunch Follow-up Questions
February 21, 2018

What is the status of IB possibly continuing up into middle and/or high school?
There are no plans for IB to migrate into middle or high school.

When will we allow science telescoping or telescoping in subjects other than math?
There are no plans for science to begin telescoping.

When will ASPIRE allow rolling admission?
Since the team responsible for GT assessment is also the team responsible for teaching students on a daily basis, schedules do not allow for admission on a rolling basis.

What is the process for a student to voice a concern about a teacher? Who does that info go to?
“Voice” (students’ perspectives) are being solicited in a wide variety of ways about many classroom elements (individual lessons, classroom arrangement, instructional strategies, and much more). The specifics of what and how to ask students is being left to teachers’ discretion. If a student has a perspective to share and hasn’t yet been given the opportunity, the student has several options:

Can you expand on telescoping? I’ve heard the term and seen something about testing for it, but I don’t know what it is or if my child should be part of it.
Information on telescoping is available on the GCISD website. Please check with your child’s teacher or campus counselor for more information.

When will keyboarding be taught to students?

  • Teachers encourage Kindergarten through 2nd grade students to:
  • Keep their right hand on the right side and left hand on the left side of the keyboard.
  • Use more than one finger on each hand to type.

3rd through 4th grade students practice keyboarding in a computer lab setting or on rotating basis on classroom laptops utilizing several free applications recommended to teachers by GCISD Instructional Technology. 5th grade students utilize their 1:1 Chromebooks. There is a Touch Systems keyboarding elective course that is available to 7th and 8th grade students. In Spring 2018, we are participating in a district typing application trial program that is available to all students with the possibility of purchasing for 3rd – 7th grade in 2018-2019.

AVID used to be (I think) only for first generation college students. Has that changed?
AVID is not just for first generation college students. While it does provide support for this student group, AVID in our district provides support for a diverse range of students. We recruit all students who fit the following AVID Student profile:
Students with:
Average to high test scores
Average to high G.P.A.
College Potential with Support
Desire and Determination

AVID students may be:
First in their family to attend college
English Language Learners
Historically underserved
Desire academic challenge with support
GT but needing support to excel
Have other special circumstances