News Release from Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented:

Thank YOU for Making Your Voice Heard!
Call to Action to Support G/T Allotment a Success

You can’t imagine how proud we were when the news came across our desks–on May 3, the Texas School Finance Commission met, and Chairman Brister stated the Commission’s desire to protect the G/T allotment. You can watch a video of Chairman Brister’s comments here, at the 2:37.00 mark.

As noted by Marty De Leon, TAGT Policy Consultant, “The Commission was seriously considering eliminating the allotment in one school finance proposal. All that has changed thanks to the flood of emails [from TAGT members].”

This would not have been possible without you — our dedicated, amazing, passionate members–especially the more than 200 of you who wrote emails to the school Commission, sharing your stories of why G/T matters in Texas.

Let’s remember the power our voices have–not only any time TAGT suggests a call to action, but more importantly, any time we see a gifted student who needs us to speak up on their behalf.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!